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Central Ohio frequency, call and station changes in 2010/2011

Really old, outdated DX stuff

Make one good antenna from two Antennacraft FM-6's.

2006 DX highlights

2007 DX highlights

WHR0 90.3 Norfolk, VA 421 miles. Short E-Skip record.

APRS July 6, 2009 @2310Z

2008 TV and radio E-skip and Tropo highlights

May 29th and 30th, 2008

Strange year here so far in 2008. On May 29, I set my short FM skip record with WEGX, Dillon, SC at 445 miles and May 30 brought Calgary, Canada FM stations in. I had a new long skip record with 1676 miles with ID'ing CKFM 96.5 Olds, Alberta, Canada and a close second on 98.5 CIBK Calgary at 1670 miles. All the while, I've had no real strong opening. Just weak, choppy skip with many stations noted but few identified. Here's a couple of audios from tonight. I didn't start recording until I realized exactly what distance of skip I had going on but managed to capture Swift Current at least.

#1: 94.1 CIMG Swift Current, Saskatchewan 1388 miles.

#2: 94.1 CIMG Swift Current, Saskatchewan 1388 miles.

May 24, 2008

KWGN-2 Denver, CO

The E-skip opening lasted a couple of hours and this station was the only prominent DX the whole time. Later in the day, the western half of the US experienced skip into the FM band.